(Alan: "You're full of shit, Weed!") "No, Blowjob. You're full of shit." (Alan: "Stop calling me that!")

- Weed bullying Alan, calling him "Blowjob"

"Excuse me! His name is "Blowjob". (The boys snicker) (Petey: "Shut up, Weed. Or I'll tell Ronnie what you guys were just doing.") Well, cool."

- Weed telling Petey that Alan's nickname is "Blowjob" until she told him off

"Man, what are you doing? Fuck off, Stan. I'm trying to sleep."

- Weed's last words before he got his insides on fire by lit cigarette, got exploded, and burned to death while he was sleeping on a chair around 2:00 am

Portrayed by Adam Wylie
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Cause of death Insides set on fire by lit cigarette, insides exploded, burned to death by Angela Baker
Died Summer 2003
Friends Michael

Alan (formerly)





Enemies Alan


Frank Kostic

Ronnie Angelo

Angela Baker

Angela Baker's motive for killing him Doing drugs and being mean to Alan
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Weed was a pothead at Camp Manabe who did drugs and pranked Alan, which got him killed. He is Angela Baker's 3rd victim.


A pothead, Weed attended Camp Manabe with Stan and pranked Spaz by tricking him into smoking cow manure.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

He tricked Alan into smoking dried cow manure. He got his comeuppance one night when he awoke to see a mysterious killer tying him to his chair and squirting gasoline down his throat. The killer then gagged him with a “Drugs Are For Dummies” sticker and poked a hole through it with a lit cigarette. Weed tried shaking the cigarette off but it was no use. His insides exploded and his body caught fire. His husk was then taken away while his friend Stan calls out to him. It was at first thought his death was a drug accident until it was officially announced that it was murder.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Weed mirrors Kenny from the original film as both are bullies and trickster boys who are the second victims and after killing a chef. Both are murdered in or near a lake.