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(Angela: "What if I said that I was sorry and that I wouldn't do it again?") "I want you outta here before lunch."

- Uncle John's last words before Angela cut his hand off and slit his throat with a machete

"You're fired! I'm sorry that I have to say this, but I've told you before. Nobody's to be sent home without my permission. "

- Uncle John firing Angela from Camp Rolling Hills for "sending the kids home" without his permission (when she actually killed them) and her strict behavior

Uncle John
Uncle John.jpg
Portrayed by Walter Gotell
Occupation Camp Owner
Status Determinant
Cause of death Hand cut off and throat slit with machete by Angela Baker
Born 1924
Died Summer 1988
Age 64 (at death)
Gender Male
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Firing her
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp II (1988)

Uncle John was the kind owner of Camp Rolling Hills when Angela Baker became a counselor and went on a killing spree. He is Angela Baker's 26th victim.


Uncle John ran Camp Rolling Hills for several years. He used to brag that the best kids in all of New York spent the summer there.


Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)[]


Uncle John's Corpse

Uncle John is the owner of Camp Rolling Hills. He appointed Angela as Counselor of the Week the day after she sent Phoebe home, angering the campers there.

John's camp is not as profitable as it had once been and he is hesitant to allow Angela to send the kids home for misbehaving. When Angela continues to send kids home without his permission (she's actually been murdering them, but the old duffer hasn't had a clue), Uncle John fires her and demands she leave the camp before lunch. Enraged at her termination, Angela corners Uncle John in his office and slits his throat. John had tried to call the police during her attack, but Angela simply chopped his hand off to prevent him from doing so.

Behind the Scenes[]

Named after director John Hughes.