The following is a chronology of the events of the franchise.

Citation Key:
SC refers to the film Sleepaway Camp .
UC refers to the film Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers.
TW refers to the film Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland.
RTSC refers to the film Return to Sleepaway Camp

TSOTNV refers to the story The Story of the Nightmare Vacation.

1968: Dr. Martha Thomas gives birth to Ricky Thomas. [SC: Ricky is a year older than Angela]

1969: John Baker’s twin children, Peter and Angela Baker born. [UC: Angela is stated to be fourteen during the Camp Arawak murder spree]

July 28, 1972: Maria Nicastro born. [TW: driver’s license]

July 2, 1975: Baker family accident on Lake Algonquin. John is dead by the time paramedics arrive, but the twins are taken to a hospital. Angela does not live; Peter survives with a head wound. [RTSC: date given in newspaper clippings]

Early July, 1975: Martha, John's divorced sister, takes Peter in. She dresses him as his dead twin and calls him Angela. [SC: Peter/Angela’s head is still bandaged from the accident]

1979: Barney Whitmore’s wife divorces him and moves to San Diego to marry a foot doctor. [UC: Sean says he was seven at the time, he is seventeen in 1988]

Summer 1980: Martha sends Ricky to Camp Arawak, where he befriends Paul. [SC: dialogue indicates they’ve been friends for three years]

Summer 1981: Ricky and Paul spend another summer at Camp Arawak. [SC: dialogue]

Summer 1982: Ricky and Paul spend their third summer at Camp Arawak together and hang the girl’s panties on the flagpole, for which they were punished. Ricky has a summer fling with Judy. [SC: dialogue]

Early Summer 1983: Barney Whitmore can’t afford to send his son, Sean, to Camp Arawak. [UC: Sean mentions his close call with the first murder spree]

Mid August 16, 1983: Martha Thomas sends Ricky and Angela to Camp Arawak for the summer. Camp chef Artie lewdly watches the kids arrive while owner Mel Kostic and head counselor Ronnie Angelo keep order. Ricky introduces Angela to Paul, and is scorned by Judy, now interested in older boys. Angela is placed in a cabin run by Meg, who favors Judy and mocks Angela. Only counselor Susie shows her kindness. Angela refuses to eat or speak to anyone besides her cousin.

August 17, 1983: During breakfast three days later, Ronnie brings Angela into the kitchen to find something she will eat. He leaves her with Artie, who brings her into the pantry and starts to take his pants off. Ricky storms in and saves her from being molested. Shortly before dinner, Angela returns to the kitchen and boils Artie. Paramedics arrive and Mel bribes the cooking staff to lie about what happened to him.

Sometime later, Ricky and Paul’s cabin plays the older guys in baseball. The younger guys win the heated game, leaving Billy, Kenny, and Mike pissed off.

[SC: Kenny mentions watching Angela ‘all week’ during the mixer, meaning camp starts in the middle of the month. RTSC: newspaper clippings place finale]

August 20, 1983: Mixer in the rec hall. Kenny and Mike pick on Angela and fight with Ricky and Paul. Paul starts talking to Angela and she responds for the first time. After the mixer, Billy corals a group into skinny-dipping while Kenny and Mike get high. Kenny tricks Leslie into canoeing with him and he tips it over. Angela swims out and drowns Kenny. [SC: occurs four days before the climax]

August 21, 1983: Lifeguard Hal finds Kenny’s body. Officer Frank Breton arrives and questions Mel and Ronnie. Judy complains that Angela doesn’t play volleyball with the rest of them. After seeing a movie in the rec. hall, Paul kisses Angela goodnight. [SC: occurs three days before climax]

August 22, 1983: Paul and Angela continue flirting with each other, and Meg yells at her during a swim session. Judy goes on a tirade against Angela and is slapped for it by Suzie. Angela goes to visit Ricky, but Billy and his comrades throw water balloons at her on the way. After dinner, Angela traps Billy in a bathroom stall with bees; he is stung to death. Parents start to pull their kids from the camp. [SC: occurs two days before the climax]

August 23, 1983: Parents continue to pull their kids out of Camp Arawak, leaving only twenty five remaining. That night Mel, growing increasingly paranoid, confers with Ronnie and they plan how to continue the rest of the summer. Angela meets Paul on the beach and she remembers spying on her father and his lover when she was younger. [SC: occurs a day before the climax]

August 24, 1983: Remaining campers play Capture the Flag; Paul kisses Judy. He apologizes on the beach to Angela, and she is thrown into the lake by Meg. When Ricky and Hal help Angela out, six of the youngest campers throw sand on her and Ricky. Meg is given the night off and asks Mel on a date at 9:30 pm. While she prepares for it, Angela stabs and slices her in the back in the shower and then returns to the social, where she makes plans to meet Paul later at the waterfront. She goes into the woods and murders four of the sleeping young campers who threw sand at her and Ricky. Next, Angela kills Judy in their cabin. Mel discovers Meg’s body and severely beats Ricky, believing him to be the murderer. Angela spots this and shoots an arrow through Mel’s neck. Ronnie gathers the counselors with the help of Officer Breton and search for the missing campers. Ronnie and Susie discover Angela holding Paul’s decapitated head on the beach, and learn that not only she is the killer, but really a boy (which is actually Peter, Angela's twin brother who survived in the boat accident, resulting in a head injury). Officer Whitmore arrests Angela. [SC: climax occurs the day before the camp is closed. UC: Sean mentions his dad arrested Angela. Presumably Officer Breton called for back-up once he established there was a murderer on the loose]

August 25, 1983: Camp Arawak closes. Martha Thomas refuses to speak with officers during the following investigation of the murder spree; she stares at them blankly when they question her. [RTSC: newspaper clippings]

August 28, 1983: Arawak victim to undergo life saving surgery. (This is most likely Ricky after his near death beating from Mel.) [RTSC: newspaper clippings]

Late 1983 to October 1984: A media frenzy surrounds Peter Baker. He justifies his actions by stating he only killed bad people. He is nicknamed “The Angel of Death.” [UC: Sean fills in details of interim years]

October 24, 1984: Glen Falls Gazette reports Peter Baker sentenced to maximum security mental facility after a tense trial. Note: several newspaper articles erroroneously refer to Peter’s surname as Thomas, even though the series clearly establishes that he kept his father’s last name while living with his aunt. This may be explained by the authorities keeping his identity a secret because he was a minor and it was leaking that the culprit was related to Martha and Ricky Thomas. [RTSC: newspaper clippings]

Late 1984 to 1985: Peter is given shock therapy and several different medications. [UC: dialogue]

1985: Peter undergoes a sex-change operation and legally becomes Angela Baker. [UC: dialogue]

1985 to 1989: Angela appears to be a success to her doctors and the clergy. [UC: dialogue]

August 9, 1988: Ricky brawls with a fat man outside of a bar. [RTSC: newspaper clipping]

August 14, 1988: Ricky is charged with the assault. [RTSC: newspaper clippings]

Early summer 1988: With great recommendations from clergy and psychiatrists, Angela gets a job as a counselor at Camp Rolling Hills, run by Uncle John. [UC: dialogue]

Summer 1988: At Camp Rolling Hills, Angela murders Phoebe for fraternizing with the boys and telling them the story about the Camp Arawak massacre.

The next day, Angela claims she sent Phoebe home and she is made Counselor of the Week. After breakfast, Angela spots the Shote Sisters drinking and drugging in the woods, but it is her day off.

The following morning, Angela finds the Shote Sisters fornicating in the woods. She burns them alive and claims she sent them home. One of the younger girls is homesick and demands to be sent home. Angela obliges, giving her credibility Uncle John. After lights out, Angela stops a panty raid. When the girls retaliate against the boys, Mare flashes her breasts. Angela sends her home, and on the drive out murders her with an electric drill.

The next night, Angela brings her remaining girls out camping. Judd and Anthony try scaring her, but she gets the jump on them and kills them both.

The next day, Angela tricks Ally Burgess deep into the woods and drowns her in an outhouse. Back in her cabin, Demi confides that she’s worried about the girls sent home, so Angela strangles her. Before the body can be disposed of, Lea returns to the bunk. Angela stabs her to avoid Lea telling what she saw, leaving only Molly Nagle left in Angela's cabin.

The next morning, Uncle John fires Angela. Molly and Sean follow her to the abandoned cabin where they find the bodies of their friends. Angela murders T.C. when he storms into the cabin to confront her. After Sean figures out who Angela really is, she beheads him. Molly escapes and Angela chases her over a ravine. Back at camp, Diane finds the bodies of Charlie, Emilio, Uncle John, and Rob Darrinco. Angela pops up and stabs her to death. Angela hitches a ride with a foul-mouthed trucker, whom she kills. Molly awakes, stumbles into the road, and flags down a truck, which turns out to be driven by Angela. [UC: occurs five years after Camp Arawak murder spree]

Summer 1988 to July 1989: Angela escapes the authorities. Camp Rolling Hills is sold to Herman and Lilly Miranda, who work on turning it into Camp New Horizons, an experimental retreat for underprivileged and wealthy teenagers to share and learn together. [TW: dialogue]

1989: Alan born.

July 14, 1989: Angela murders Maria Nicastro and poses as the troubled teenager to attend Camp New Horizons, where Barney Whitmore is serves as the third counselor. Angela gives news reporter Tawny Richards cleaning supplies to snort, and then goes into the woods with Herman's group. She kills Herman, Jan Hernandez, Peter Doyle, and Snowboy. [TW: occurs one year after UC; precise date mentioned in dialogue - Saturday the fifteenth]

July 15, 1989: Angela infiltrates Lilly's group and murders Arab, Cindy Hammersmith, Lilly, Bobby Stark, and Riff. [TW: occures one day after the 15]

July 16, 1989: Angela tries to join Barney’s group, but he discovers who she really is. She kills him and forces the remaining campers to play a game in which Anita Burcham and Greg Nakashima are killed. Angela tries to leave, letting Marcia and Tony live, but Marcia is enraged and attacks Angela. Angela loses quite a bit of blood and is taken away in an ambulance, where she murders a paramedic and police officer who plot to kill her. [TW: occurs two days after the 15]

Mid October 1993: Events of Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor. [TS: Dr. Lewis' notes]

May 9, 1995: Ronnie Angelo partners with Frank Kostik at Camp Manabe. [RTSC: newspaper clippings]

Summer 2003: Angela Baker murders Sheriff Pete. One night shortly after, Camp Manabe, troubled teenager Alan finds his bunkmates lighting farts and bosses them around, until he's bullied by his counselor, Randy.

The next evening at dinner, Alan has an alteration with Randy while Sheriff Jerry gives the kids an anti-drug speech. Ronnie chastises Randy and sends Alan into the kitchen to find something better to eat. Alone with Mickey in the kitchen, Alan gets into a loud fight, which is witnessed by Frank, Ronnie, and Sheriff Jerry. Alan's step-brother, Michael, tries to bring Alan back to camp when he runs off, and then washes his hands of him. After everyone leaves Mickey alone in the kitchen, he is murdered and disposed of in the trash compactor. At that night's social, Alan is tricked into smoking cow manure by Weed and his coughing fit looks like he's fellating Stan, so popular boy T.C. nicknames him Blowjob.

Shortly before sun up the next day, Weed is blown up by the docks by the blackclad killer. Ronnie and Frank confer with Sheriff Jerry, who learns that Ricky Thomas is coincidentally working a construction job nearby. The Sheriff drives out and questions him.

Sometime later, Alan is tricked by Karen and the popular boys blindfold him and shove him nearly naked in front of the entire camp. Alan is taken care of by the counselors, until the campers chant "Blowjob" at him, driving him mad and fleeing the camp. Ronnie grounds T.C. for this and searches for Alan. Frank is knocked out by the killer and tied up so rats can eat their way through his eye and his intestines. Randy and Linda go to the pump house to have sex, and Randy's penis is severed, leaving him to bleed to death. Linda drives away, straight into barbed wire, crashes into a tree and bleeds to death. T.C. is impaled by a spike in his cabin, and Bella is crushed to death in hers. The campers and counselors discover some of the dead bodies and panic erupts. Karen runs off and is captured by the killer, who tries to hang her. Michael saves her and runs off to beat Alan to death since all signs point to him being the killer. Ricky arrives at the camp and helps Ronnie search for the missing campers. They find Alan barely alive and "Sheriff Jerry" reveals himself to be Angela Baker in disguise. She tells them she's been killing bullies and that she skinned Michael alive for all the mean things he's done to Alan and his frogs. [RTSC: occurs twenty years after the original Camp Arawak murder spree]