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"That's enough!"

- Susie telling Judy to stop taunting and berating Angela before she slapped her across the face for telling her to "Fuck off!".

Portrayed by Susan Glaze
Occupation Camp counselor
Dead or Alive Alive
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Age 27
Born 1956
Gender Female

Susie was one of the counselors at Camp Arawak during the original murder spree.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)[]

Susie is first seen when all the girls arrive at the girl's cabin at Camp Arawak, Meg calls her the "complaint

Susie asking if Angela would like to do something else.

department" for answering questions. Susie also helps Angela unpack her clothes. 3 days later, Susie can be seen eating lunch and chaperoning the table above Meg's table. Later, Susie comforts Angela and asks her if she would like to try a different activity than watching volleyball due to her non-participation. A few days later, after Meg gets in trouble due to shaking Angela furiously for not answering her, Judy taunts and berates Angela insulting her vaginal parts. When Susie scolds for Judy to stop, the latter tells her to "Fuck off!", Susie then smacks her across the face and shows some remorse for her disciplinary actions. A few days later at night a few counselors have the night off, Susie and Meg share a small conversation and friendship handshake before Meg runs off to shower. Susie is later asked by Mel if she has seen Meg. After the discovery of Meg's horribly cut body, the counselors pair off in order to search for Angela, Ricky, Paul and Judy who were not accounted for in their cabins. Susie goes off with Ronnie and eventually finds Angela with Paul's decapitated head, discovering she is actually a boy and a killer.


Susie is shown as one of the more sympathetic and understanding counselors and geniunely cares for Angela. She is also shown to be more disciplinarian and slaps Judy across the face for berating Angela and telling her to "Fuck off!". Susie and Meg appear to be friends despite their differences concerning Angela.

Behind the Scenes[]

If Sleepaway Camp was told in the traditional slasher narrative, Susie probably would be the 'final girl,' as she is a nice girl who survives to confront the killer while the others around her are killed off.