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The horror series that would not die.


The Sleepaway Camp series began as a stand-alone horror film in the early 1980's. Two sequels were created half a decade later, turning the singular slasher into a franchise. A fourth film was only partially finished in the early 90's. Eventually the fanbase demanded more and another entry was shot, and the partially filmed fourth movie was completed. This wiki is a collection of information concerning all that has come out so far in the unique Sleepaway Camp series.
For more information, visit the following sites:
Sleepaway Camp Movies is Jeff Hayes' official site for the original and Return.
Sleepaway Camp Films is John Klyza's official site for the sequels.
A Recovering Sleepaway Camp Addict (The Unofficial Sleepaway Camp Site)


Information on everyone appearing in the series.

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Information on each entry in the series.

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Felissa RoseJonathan TierstenPaul DeAngeloPamela SpringsteenChristopher Collet
Mike KellinKaren FieldsKatherine KamhiDesiree GouldRobert Earl JonesTom Van Dell
Renee EstevezBrian Patrick ClarkeWalter GotellTracy GriffithMark OliverMichael J. Pollard
Sandra DorseyHaynes BrookeDaryl WilcherKim WallKyle HolmanVictor Campos
Vincent PastoreErin BroderickLenny VenitoAdam WylieJackie TohnIsaac Hayes


Robert HiltzikMichael A. SimpsonFritz Gordon
Jim MarkovicTommy ClohessyMichael Hitchcock

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On the Timeline page, you'll find detailed information concerning the chronological aspects of the entire Sleepaway Camp series, starting with Peter and Angela Baker's birth and ending with Return to Sleepaway Camp. Dates are derived from careful deductions and placed as accurately as possible.


Sleepaway Camp parts two, three, and four all take place in the same wooded area. On the Upstate NY Campground page, you'll find detailed information concerning the setting of these campground massacres. This page is a work in progress.

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Angela: "Meet me at the waterfront after the social."
Paul: "I'll be there!"

- Sleepaway Camp

Charlie: "It's a guy."
Sean: "He went into a psycho ward a couple of years ago and while he was there, the doctors gave him a sex change, and our parents taxes paid for it."

- Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

Bobby: "I like movies that make America look great. Like Rambo Part Three. Great film."

- Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Allison: "Oh my God, it's you! Angela!"

- Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor

T.C.: "Look at it. It's as sharp as a fucking spike."
Spaz: "Maybe. I can't tell; it's too dark down there."
T.C.: "What are you talking about? I can see it perfectly."

- Return to Sleepaway Camp