Directed by

Jim Markovic (Original Footage)

Robert Hiltzik (Part I Footage) (Final Cut only)

Michael A. Simpson (Part II and III Footage) (Final Cut only)

John Klyza (Final Cut)

Written by Tommy Clohessy
Robert Hiltzik (characters)
Starring Carrie Chambers
Victor Campos
John Lodico
Release Date March 23, 2012
Running Time

34 minutes (Filmed Footage)

70 minutes (Final Cut)

Rated R
Genre Horror

Preceded by

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)
Followed by Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor was going to be the fourth entry of the series. However the movie was not completed.

John Klyza, the webmaster of, helped put together an official final cut of the film which brought closure to Survivor's legacy.

The Final Cut consisted of splicing the footage filmed for Part IV with footage from the previous 3 movies.

Summary Edit

10 years after the massacre at Camp Arawak and 4 years after the massacre at Camp New Horizons, an amnesiac named Allison Kramer embarks on a voyage to discover if she is the infamous murderer Angela Baker.

Full Synopsis Edit

Allison Kramer (Carrie Chambers), a survivor of the original Sleepaway Camp, is being plagued by nightmares which gruesomely force her to revisit the camp site. Unable to recall the actual occurrences due to a forced mental block, she seeks the help of a psychiatrist in overcoming her insomnia.

After numerous visits and hypnosis, Allison's psychiatrist advises her that she is a survivor of a massacre which occurred at a camp over a decade ago. Her disbelief for the whole situation inclines her doctor to advise her to return to the site for an afternoon, in hopes that if she were to see the scenes of the crimes, she would remember them and overcome them.

Doubtful, Allison sets out for the camp she attended but never remembered. When she reaches her destination, she finds the camp to be closed and abandoned, the land now Federal Property. She remininces about the events that occured in the original trilogy. Allison narrates over many of these scenes. Archive footage from the first three film are recouperated into themes, such as Angela being afraid of water. Allison looks for the ranger, Jack (John Lodicos), that her psychologist, Dr. Lewis, advised her to meet up with. The ranger tries to start kissing her, but Allison decides things are going too far and runs away. The ranger chases her through the woods. Allison stops because she can run no longer. Then she is found by a hunter, Eugene (Victor Campos). Later on, she approaches the ranger with a gun and threatens to kill him if he doesn't stay away from her. She then approaches the hunter and shoots him. In the next scene, Allsion is standing in the sun with a knife, which the sun is reflecting light off of. The ranger approaches her, but she whirls around and the film freezes as she holds the knife near him. It then cuts to a cabin, where you see the hunter's and ranger's dead body. The credits then roll over the image of their corpses. There is an error when the hunter's corpse looks like TC's but its not TC's.

Cast Edit

  • Carrie Chambers as Allison Kramer
  • Victor Campos as Eugene
  • John Lodico as Jack

Body CountEdit


Trivia Edit

Partially filmed in the 1992 before production shut down. Webmaster John Klyza hunted down the footage and worked with director Jim Markovic and an editor to finish the movie. It was completed nearly 20 years after being abandoned by utilizing the footage shot for the trailer, scenes filmed the few days before production was halted, and additional narration to tie the clips together.

It was always planned to use flashback footage from the first three films to save costs.

The original poster: