Sleepaway Camp Wiki
Directed by Michael A. Simpson
Written by Fritz Gordon
Robert Hiltzik (characters)
Starring Pamela Springsteen
Renee Estevez
Tony Higgins
Brian Patrick Clarke
Valerie Hartman
Terry Hobbs
Walter Gotell
Release Date August 26, 1988
Running Time 80 minutes
Genre Comedy







Rated R
Preceded by Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Followed by Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers is the 1988 follow-up to the cult classic slasher horror movie Sleepaway Camp. A new creative team was brought in and gave the film a campy feel. The film is about psychopathic camp counselor Angela Baker killing undesirable teens at summer camp. The film was made when slasher series were still going strong. Filming began on September 20, 1987 and ended on October 9, 1987.


After undergoing gender-reassignment surgery, Angela Baker becomes a counselor at Camp Rolling Hills. Thinking herself cured, Angela methodically takes on the task of taking of "sending home" (brutally murdering) campers who don't meet her moral code or deserve to be at camp. With the dwindling attendance rate, will anyone notice that the Angel of Death is amongst them?

Full Synopsis[]

One night at Camp Rolling Hills, head counselor TC., a group of boys and Phoebe enjoy a campfire and tell each other scary stories deep in the woods. Phoebe tells them the story about the killings at Camp Arawak five years before. Her counselor, Angela Johnson, finds her and orders her to go back to her cabin. After they leave, a boy named Sean reveals that it was his father who arrested her at Camp Arawak and Baker is now a female. As Phoebe and Angela argue about sneaking away from the cabin, Angela tells her to go home. Phoebe, distressed, runs off into the woods. Phoebe, now lost, calls back for Angela, who appears behind her and hits her in the head with a log. Angela then cuts out Phoebe's tongue for telling the group about Angela Baker, even though no one knows her true identity. The next day, Angela's group of girls wonder about Phoebe's whereabouts. Angela tells them that she sent her home. Meanwhile outside, Charlie and Emilio  take pictures of the girls changing before everyone meets in the mess hall for breakfast, where Camp owner Uncle John gives Angela the counselor of the week award. She calls shy Molly Nagle and popular Ally Burgess up on stage to sing with her. Angela ignores T.C., who tries to talk to her about sending Phoebe home and finds the Schote sisters smoking weed and mocking the camp in the woods. Since it's her day off, Angela leaves them be but they are in her sights. The next morning after breakfast, Angela finds the Schote sisters again in the woods but this time they're having sex with one of the boys named Matt. Angela sends Matt off and burns the sisters alive. She claims that she sent them home for their bad behavior. That night, the boys throw a panty raid in the girls' cabin until Angela comes in, throwing them out. After Angela leaves for a counselor meeting, the girls get back at the boys by raiding their cabin. Angela walks in as Mare flashes her breasts, something she'd been warned about before. Angela drives Mare away from camp and gives her a choice to be good and stay but Mare is so upset that she'd rather just leave, so Angela murders her with a power drill. The next day, Angela finds Charlie and Emilio looking at naked pictures which gives themself trouble, including one of herself. She wants to send them home as well but T.C. overrides her. That night, Angela and her girls have a sleep out in the woods. Anthony and Judd dress up like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees to scare her. However, the plan backfires when Angela, dressed as Leatherface, slashes Anthony's throat with his own "Freddy Krueger" razor knives fingers glove and chainsaws Judd through the skull. Ally fools around with Rob Darrinco in an outhouse, so Angela breaks up their fun and considers killing Ally but her chainsaw is out of gas. Ally continues to berate Molly the next day, which pushes Angela over the edge. She tricks Ally into meeting her out in the woods by an abandoned shack and Angela stabs Ally's back with a knife. Angela hits her with a log, shoves her into an outhouse and pushes her inside the hole, which is full of feces, urine and leeches, drowning her. At the recreation hall, Rob tells Molly and Sean that he's worried about Angela Baker and Sean tells Rob that he was supposed to go to Camp Arawak the year of the massacre but says that his dad couldn't afford it. Demi returns to her cabin and tells Angela that she's called the various houses of the girls supposedly sent home and none of the families no anything about it. Realizing how close Demi is to figuring it out, Angela garrotes Demi's neck to death with a part of guitar string. Suddenly, Angela is pranked by Charlie and Emilio with a bucket of water to make her wet, Lea comes in and Angela stabs her to death since she's a tattle-tale. Molly comes back to the cabin to find she's the only girl left. Later that night Angela has a nightmare. Uncle John and T.C. fire Angela the next day for sending so many campers home without going through them. Molly wants to cheer Angela up before she leaves the camp, so she and Sean go to the abandonded cabin to see her. When they find her hiding place, they discover the dead bodies of everyone she's murdered. Angela suddenly appears behind them, knocks Sean out and ties the duo up. Back at camp, Rob informs T.C. about Molly and Sean's disappearances. T.C. storms off to confront Angela. He finds the cabin and enters it and is greeted by Angela, who pours battery acid on his face, hideously mutilating and killing him. Sean then realizes that Angela is Peter Baker, the fourteen-year-old transsexual killer from Camp Arawak. Angela reveals that after two years of electroshock therapy and a sex change, she was released for such great behavior. Angela then cuts Sean's head off with Judd's machete. Angela leaves to take care of more campers. When she comes back with Matt's body, Molly, escapes from her bonds and attacks Angela with a log. Angela chases after her and after a struggle, Molly pulls the knife out of Angela's pocket and threatens to stab Angela if she tries to come near her. Molly is backed over a ledge and Angela sadly leaves her for dead. That night, counselor Diane finds Charlie and Emilio pinned up against a cabin wall with their necks slashed open and their eyes gouged out. Diane runs to Uncle John's office and she finds him with his throat slashed and his hand severed. Diane bumps into Rob, who is hanging from the wall with a gag in his mouth and a machete in his chest. Angela appears behind her and stabs her in the stomach. Meanwhile, Molly regains consciousness and limps out of the woods. Angela hitchhikes away from camp and is picked up by a foul-mouthed truck driver. Angela grows so irritated that she murders the trucker. Molly makes it to the main road and flags down the first vehicle she sees. Relieved to be rescued, Molly approaches the truck. She screams in terror as Angela merrily greets her from the driver's seat.


Pamela Springsteen as Angela Johnson
Renee Estevez as Molly Nagle
Tony Higgins at Sean Whitmore
Valerie Hartman as Ally Burgess


Brian Patrick Clarke as TC
Walter Gotell as Uncle John
Susan Marie Snyder as Mare
Terry Hobbs as Rob Darrinco
Kendall Bean as Demi
Julie Murphy as Lea
Carol Chambers as Brooke Shote
Amy Fields as Jodi Shote
Benji Wilhoite as Anthony
Walter Franks III as Judd
Justin Nowell as Charlie
Heather Binion as Phoebe
Jason Ehrlich as Emilio
Carol Martin Vines as Diane
Tricia Grant as Girl Sent Home
Jill Jane Clements as Truck Driver

Matt Dillion as Matt

Body Count[]



There is a name discrepency with one of the campers. T.C. mentions that the Shote Sisters and Ralph weren't at breakfast and Angela finds the three of them partying in the woods. Later, Angela carries the camper's body toward the abandoned cabin and refers to him as Matt. Since all the named characters except for Angela and Uncle John (named after director John Hughes) are named after "Brat Pack" members or popular young actors from the '80s, it can be assumed Ralph is named after Ralph Macchio and Matt after Matt Dillon. One of the (unnamed) lucky campers survives Angela. It is unknown why but the bright eyed whiner is sent home, with no complication what so ever. As far as the film is concerned, it is likely that this character was only included so that Uncle John could bring up bad kids being sent home and Angela could admit to "sending the Shote sisters home" and be reprimanded by John. This movie has the highest body count.