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"How can it be? Oh my god, she's a boy."

- Ronnie after he discovers that "Angela" is actually Peter, her twin brother.

"It’s started again."

- Ronnie discovering there's murder around Camp Manabe, like back at Camp Arawak 20 years ago in 1983 after seeing Frank Kostic murdered.

"I knew it was you."

- Ronnie discovering it was Angela (who is Peter's twin sister and disguised as Sheriff Jerry) responsible for all the murders at Camp Manabe.

"Get those lights on! Turn the lights on now! I wanna know who did this! I wanna know right now! (Randy: "What do you want from me? It's my night-off.") Not anymore, it's not! Now find out!" (Randy: "Okay, okay, Jesus!")

- Ronnie wanting know who was part of a prank of seeing Alan in his underwear.


- Ronnie after seeing Michael being skinned alive by Angela, along with Ricky.

"Meg, I want to see you in my shack right after swim period. Now, get back to your post."

- Ronnie scolding Meg for angrily shaking Angela for being silent during a swim session at the waterfront at Camp Arawak, telling her to leave Angela alone.

Ronnie Angelo
Portrayed by Paul DeAngelo
Occupation Head counselor
Camp co-owner
Status Alive
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
Gender Male
Age 28 (Sleepaway Camp)

48 (Return to Sleepaway Camp)

Born 1955
Height 5'7"
Weight 200 lbs

Ronnie Angelo was the kind-hearted and sensible senior counselor at Camp Arawak, where he did his best to protect the children from the original murder spree. Two decades later, Angela Baker returned to terrorize another camp he worked at.


Ronnie was the head counselor at Camp Arawak where he supervised the staff and worked directly under owner Mel Kostic.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)[]

In 1983, Ronnie and Mel supervised the kids as they got off their busses on the first day at Camp Arawak. Three days later, Meg asked for his assistance during breakfast. Angela Baker was refusing to eat anything at camp. Ronnie, much nicer and more sympathetic than Meg, brought Angela into the kitchen to find something she would eat, assuming she was just homesick. Ronnie got a phone call, so he left Angela with Artie. Shortly before dinner, Artie was scalded alive in the kitchen with boiling hot water. Ronnie and Mel met with the doctor while the cook was taken away in an ambulance. Although Mel quickly deemed it an accident, Ronnie started having doubts that something wrong was going on.

Several days later, Ronnie conferred with Mel and Officer Frank Breton after the drowning of Kenny. Mel was obstinent, stating it had to be an accident, but Ronnie remembered that Kenny was a pretty good swimmer.

Later, at a swim session, Ronnie spotted Meg shaking Angela. He broke it up and ordered Meg to report to his cabin to be reprimanded. After Billy was stung to death, Ronnie met with Mel to go over their options. Ronnie thought it best to consolidate the remaining campers and finish out the summer.

The next day, Ronnie worked out by the beach while the kids swam. He found Mel restraining Ricky Thomas while Meg threw his cousin Angela into the lake. Ronnie rushed over and snapped Mel to his senses. That night, Ronnie met with the counselors and gave them their new assignments. After the social in the rec. hall, Ronnie got a call and learned that some of Eddie's campers were hatcheted to death. He rounded up the counselors and met with Officer Breton. They learned that all of the campers were accounted for except Ricky, Angela, Paul, and Judy. They split into teams of two to search for the missing kids. Ronnie and Susie heard soft singing along the beach and found Angela stroking Paul's hair on the sand. They checked on her, and Angela stood up, holding Paul's severed head in her hands. She was naked, and Ronnie realized that not only was Angela the murderer behind it all, but that she was also really a boy.

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)[]

20 years later in 2003, after all the murders at Camp Arawak, Ronnie partnered with Frank Kostic and served as a junior partner and head counselor at Camp Manabe.

During dinner one night, Ronnie chastized Randy for arguing with Alan, a camper with poor social skills. Ronnie is sympathetic to how Alan is treated and sticks up for him. He also knows Alan antagonizes people as well, but he deals with this by calmly reasoning with Alan to be nicer and more cooperative with others in turn.

When the murders start happening, Ronnie gets worried because it resembles the Camp Arawak murders, but Frank dismisses it as he doesn't want to close the camp. His worry turns to paranoia when he accuses another counselor, Petey, of being Angela, because she is always there to protect Alan and angrily lashes out at the boy's tormentors.

When Ricky arrives at the camp, he and Ronnie immediately recognize each other despite not seeing one another for 20 years. Ronnie tells Ricky that Angela is back. Ricky is dismissive, as Angela (to his knowledge) is confined to an asylum, but sticks around to prove them wrong. When Angela reveals herself as the killer, Ronnie says to her "I knew it was you!".


Ronnie is sympathetic and kind, which is why he manages to survive both encounters with Angela Baker. He treats people fairly, but has zero tolerance for mean and bullying behavior from campers and fellow counselors. While Ronnie would never have been in any danger regarding Angela, twenty years later he is still deeply haunted by the murders she committed, which causes paranoia to quickly surface. His paranoia during his tenure at Camp Manabe is founded and he serves as the voice of reason, save for accusing Petey of being Angela.


Height - 5 foot 7

Weight - 200 Pounds.

Age - 28

Race- White .

Shoe size - 9

Behind the Scenes[]

Actor who played Ronnie was well respected on something.