Rob Darrinco
Portrayed by Terry Hobbs
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Cause of death Gagged in throat, stabbed in chest, hanged by Angela Baker
Died Summer 1988
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Having sex with Ally
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp II (1988)
Gender Male

Rob Darrinco attended Camp Rolling Hills, where he spent most of his energy trying to get with Ally Burgess and was killed by Angela Baker near the end of her murder spree. He is Angela Baker's 27th victim.



Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)Edit


Rob is a camper at Camp Rolling HIlls and has a major crush on Ally. When Ally is unable to get Sean Whitmore away from Molly, she settles for Rob and they have sex in the woods.

When Uncle John fired Angela, she went on a rampage in the camp and Rob ended up as one of her victims. She attacked Rob in Uncle John's cabin, stabbed him in the abdomen, gagged him, garrotted him with a noose, and hanged him with rope. His corpse was found by Diane until Angela killed her.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Named after actor Rob Lowe.