"What the fuck?! Hey! Hey, what the fuck, you fuckhead?! I'll get you! Ow! Ow! Hey! Ow!"

- Riff's last words before Angela impaled him with a tent spike, killing him

(Tony: "Hey, you got a problem?") "Suck my dick, spic!" (Tony: "You motherfucker!")

- Riff being racist towards Tony

Portrayed by Daryl Wilcher
Role Camper
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Status Deceased
Age 18 (at death)
Enemies Tony DeHerrara

Cindy Hammersmith

Angela Baker

Barney Whitmore

Bobby Stark

Cause of death Impaled through hand and head with tent spike by Angela Baker
Born 1971
Died July 15, 1989
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 170 lbs
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Being rude, anti-social, racist towards Tony, Cindy and her, and selfish
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp III (1989)

Riff was a thuggish teenager murdered by Angela Baker at Camp New Horizons. He is Angela Baker's 40th victim.



Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)Edit

He serves as the secondary antagonist of the film.


Riff is from Detroit. He was a member of the delinquent campers and had Lily for a counselor. Riff got into several confrontations during his stay at Camp New Horizons, including one Tony by insulting him with a racist word towards Hispanic people so Tony charged at him in the camp cafeteria, one with Cindy due to her racial slurs, and one with Angela where he pulled a handgun on her. Riff was murdered when Angela attacked him in his tent and drove a tent spike through his hand and head. Angela then steals his gun and uses it to kill Barney Whitmore. Angela puts his corpse in a cabin afterwards.

  • HEIGHT :5'9'
  • AGE 18

Shoe size - 8

Behind the ScenesEdit

The script describes him as "a muscular black 17 year-old male dressed in jeans and a muscle t-shirt."

Named after Riff from West Side Story.

In the script, during the argument between Riff and Cindy about musical tastes, Riff was supposed to spit in Cindy's face. Daryl Wilcher felt awkward about having to spit in Kim Wall's face, despite the fact that she was fine with it. Just before the scene was about to shoot, Daryl was able to convince the production crew to allow him to smear his oatmeal in her face instead.

Unlike the script, Riff is actually 18 years old in the movie.