"Paul, great to see you."

- Ricky meeting Paul at Camp Arawak

"Well, excuse me, bitch.

- Ricky to Judy sarcastically after she said, "Ricky, I don't have time for your nonsense right now."

"Hey, dickface! Leave her alone!"

- Ricky protecting Angela from Kenny after he bullied her along with Mike

"You fucks! I'm gonna beat your fuckin' asses in!"

- Ricky to Kenny, Mike, Billy, Jimmy, Jeff and the other boys

"I don't give a shit!"

- Ricky to Gene after he fought Kenny, Mike, Billy, Jimmy and the other boys

"You're a real scumbag, Judy, you know that?"

- Ricky scolding Judy for kissing Paul and humiliating Angela

"Little fuckers!"

- Ricky to young campers who threw sand at him and Angela after Meg (cheered on by Judy) threw Angela into the water

"Get the fuck off of me! Leave me alone!"

- Ricky to Mel while he was suspected as a killer by him

"Those cocksuckers keep picking on my cousin!" (Billy: "That's bullshit!") (Mel: "Enough! I saw the whole business.")

- Ricky to Mel after Billy, Mike, Jimmy and three other boys threw water balloons at Angela


- Ricky after he found out his real cousin Angela is alive and a killer

"You fucking bastards are gonna pay for this! Cocksuckers! Pricks! I'm gonna fight you chicken shits! Pricks! Pussies! I'm gonna fight you chicken shits! Come on, you fucking pussies! I'll kick your freaking asses all over this goddamn camp, you fucks!"

- Ricky to Billy, Mike, Jimmy and three other boys after they threw water balloons at Angela

"Calm down, Angela. It's okay now. Everything's gonna be alright. We won't let them get away with this. That's for sure. I promise we won't."

- Ricky comforting Angela and swearing revenge after Meg (cheered on by Judy) threw Angela in the water and young campers threw sand at him and her

Ricky Thomas
Portrayed by Jonathan Tiersten
Family Martha Thomas (mother)
Peter Baker (cousin)
Angela Baker (cousin)
John Baker (uncle;deceased)
Unamed father
Occupation Construction

Camper at Camp Arawak (formerly)

Status Alive
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
Born 1968
Age 15 (Sleepaway Camp)

35 (Return To Sleepaway Camp)

Gender Male
Height 5'5" (Sleepaway Camp)

5'8" (Return to Sleepaway Camp)

Weight 118 lbs
Friends Paul

Judy (formerly)






Enemies Judy








Mel Kostic

4 Young Campers

Richard "Ricky" Thomas was very protective of his cousin Peter, who he believed to be Angela. They attended summer camp together, where he was shocked to learn she killed several of the campers, counselors, and the camp owner, including his best friend Paul. 20 years later, Ricky was pulled into the investigation of another murder spree at a summer camp.


In 1975, Ricky's parents divorced while Ricky was still quite young. His time was split between his mother and his father, but he was still close with his cousins, Peter and Angela. He was away at his father's house when his uncle and cousins had a fatal boating accident. When he returned to Martha's home, he found Angela bandaged and living with them. He grew very protective of his meek cousin, especially after what she had gone through. 8 years later in 1983, his mother sent him to Camp Arawak, where he met Paul. The two harmless trouble-makers became best friends. During his third summer at camp, Ricky had a fling with a girl his age named Judy.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)Edit

In 1983, Ricky and Angela, bags prepared and dressed in their Camp Arawak attire, met were sent off to camp for the summer by a chipper Martha. She gave them a bag of snacks for the bus ride and their physicals documentation, which she had prepared herself. Ricky played along with her when she made him promise he wouldn't tell anyone that she wrote up the forms.

Once they arrived at camp, Ricky gave his cousin a tour amidst the rowdy kids. Paul found them and informed Ricky that Judy was back, and hay she had developed breasts since last year. Ricky brought Angela to her cabin and found Judy, but she informed him that she was only interested in older boys now.

Three days later during breakfast, Ricky checked on his cousin since she hadn't eaten since coming to camp. Angela's counselor, Meg, informed mocked her and said head counselor Ronnie took her into the kitchen to find something to eat. Ricky checked on her and found her nearly being molested by the camp's chef, Artie. Artie buckled his pants back up and warned them not to say anything to anyone.

Some point later, Ricky and Paul played a prank on their cabinmate Mozart. Their counselor Gene brought them out to play baseball with the older boys. They beat them and Ricky antagonized them, primarly Billy, Kenny, and Mike. Later on, Ricky and Paul entered the rec. hall and found Kenny and Mike mocking Angela. Ricky launched himself at them and a fight ensued. Gene pulled them apart, but Ricky was enraged.

Ricky tried getting back with Judy again, but she continued to spurn him. The next day Ricky found Angela getting hit by a water balloon by a group of boys led by Billy. He started swearing at them until Mel intervened and punished them all, including Ricky for his foul mouth. Ricky and Paul comforted Angela, and promised that they'd get even with the guys.

After Billy was murdered, camp activities were changed to allow for the lesser number of campers left and Gene and Jeff lead them in playing Capture the Flag. Ricky came up with a plan to sneak around the other team's area via the woods and convinced Angela to help him. While they trekked through the woods, they found Paul kissing Judy. Angela ran away and Ricky told Judy off. Later that day, Ricky came down to the beach and chatted with Mel while Angela was picked up by Meg. Ricky tried to help Angela, but Mel grabbed him by the arm and accused him of murdering campers and staff. Ronnie broke it up, but by that time Meg had thrown Angela in the lake, cheered on by Judy. Ricky rushed to her aid and comforted her.

During the next social, Ricky slept in since he had stomach aches from dinner. He came late and asked Jeff if he could get a snack. Jeff relented and Ricky got himself a handful of candybars. When he left, he walked through the woods and was accosted by Mel. He was later found by Gene and Officer Frank Breton while they searched for the missing campers and murderer, barely alive.

Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

A newspaper article mentions that an angry 20-year-old Ricky was arrested for assaulting a heavyset man outside of a pizza shop in 1988.

15 years later in 2003, Ricky worked construction at a quarry near Camp Manabe, where another murder spree similar to Camp Arawak's started. Angela, recently escaped from a mental institute and disguised as a sheriff, visited Ricky to test his loyalty to her. He defended Angela as always. The next week he was called by Angela, again as the sheriff, to meet at Camp Manabe. He surprised his old counselor Ronnie with his presence, and was shocked to learn he was a suspect. With several campers missing and a killer on the loose, Ricky searched the woods with Ronnie and Karen. Eventually, they found a nearly dead boy named Alan and his step-brother, Michael, who was skinned alive. "Sheriff Jerry" took off his mask, and revealed himself to be Angela.


Ricky has severe anger management issues that may reflect the typical rebellion of a teenager who's parents are divorced. He is also fiercely loyal and protective of Angela. Even though Angela killed his best friend Paul, he states that he visits her every few weeks in the mental institute.

Ricky, along with Paul, also had an affinity for pulling pranks. He always seemed to be getting into trouble together with Paul and thus is good friends with him. These pranks include running the women's panties up a flagpole and locking a fellow camper outside with no clothes on (as Paul tells Angela causing her to smile).

Ricky Height - 5 foot 5

Weight- 118 pounds

Age - 15

Race - white

Shoe size - 8

Behind the ScenesEdit

Originally Ricky was meant to be killed at Mel's hands in the script. When Robert Hiltzik filmed the scenes, he shot a version in which Ricky survives. He decided to let Ricky live.

The main mystery of whodunnit in the first film boils down to the killer being either Angela or Ricky.

It is Jonathan Tiersten's hands and frame seen during the murder scenes of the original Sleepaway Camp.