Sleepaway Camp Wiki
Also Known As Sleepaway Camp V: The Return
Directed by Robert Hiltzik
Written by Robert Hiltzik
Produced by Robert Hiltzik
Rated R
Genre Comedy







Michele Tatosian
Tom Van Dell
Starring Felissa Rose
Jonathan Tiersten
Paul DeAngelo
Vincent Pastore
Michael Gibney
Jackie Tohn
Isaac Hayes
Release Date November 4, 2008
Running Time 86 minutes
Preceded by Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor (2012)

Return to Sleepaway Camp is the long-awaited sequel to Robert Hiltzik's original 1983 cult classic slasher horror movie. He returned after twenty years as the director, writer, and executive producer. The film sees the return of three of the main cast from the first, and is a prequel to the two sequels from the 80's. The film follows an awkward teenager with some mental issues while campers and counselors are murdered around him at a summer camp. It came about at a time when horror remakes were the craze.


20 years after the massacre at Camp Arawak, a new string of murders erupts at Camp Manabe. Centered around a boy with social issues named Alan, the killing spree slowly builds up, leaving campers and counselors to wonder if the infamous Angela Baker has returned.

Full Synopsis[]

In 2003, one night at Camp Manabe, a cabin of boys amuse themselves by lighting farts. Alan emerges from the bathroom and takes the lighter. He stains his underpants and embarrassed, he threatens Eddie, Mark, Billy and Pee Pee but is stopped by their counselor, Randy. The next day at dinner, Alan argues with Randy about the camp food. The head counselor, Ronnie Angelo, intervenes and allows Alan to go into the kitchen and find something he'll like better. On the way, he argues with Bella. Camp owner Frank Kostik introduces the kids to Sheriff Jerry, an anti-smoking speaker. While in the kitchen, Alan has a noisy altercation with the assistant chef, Mickey that disrupts Frank and the sheriff. Frank, Ronnie and the sheriff storm into the kitchen just as Alan throws a butcher knife at Mickey. Frank scolds the angry boy and Alan runs away. Frank orders Alan's step-brother, Michael, to bring him back. Michael finds Alan at the secluded spot in the woods he often goes to. He claims the frogs are his only friends and that they don't care that he was sick once, alluding to rheumatic fever that may have given him permanent brain damage. Michael tries to bring him back but Alan refuses and threatens Michael with a knife. Michael washes his hands of his step-brother and returns to the camp alone. Later that night, Mickey prepares dinner for himself alone in the kitchen. Someone clad in black bursts in and murders him by forcing his head inside the deep fryer. The killer disposes of his body in the trash compactor outside. Meanwhile, Ronnie and head chef Charlie complain to Frank about Mickey, who tells them to fire him if he shows up again. Frank ignores Ronnie's demands they take care of the rat situation, preoccupied with his prized bird, Matilda. At the social that night, Alan manages to corner popular girl Karen alone when the leader of the older boys, T.C. abandons her. He gets in an alteration with Bella, and is sent home by Frank. On his way out, he is fooled by Weed and Stan into smoking dried cow manure. Mistaking it for marijuana, he tries to fit in and acts as if he's getting high. While he coughs, he falls to his knees and hugs Stan. T.C. remarks that it looks like he's giving Stan a blowjob, so the boys nickname Alan 'Blowjob.' Sympathetic counselor Petey breaks it up and escorts Alan back to his bunk, threatening to tell Ronnie what the boys were doing. Late at night, Weed and Stan smoke pot with two girls by the lake. Stan and the girls head inside while Weed passes out. The black-clad killer ties Weed to his chair and squirts gas down his throat. The killer sticks a cigarette in his mouth and lights it, blowing him up. The next morning, Frank and Ronnie meet with Sheriff Jerry to discuss Weed's death. It looks like it could be an accident, which Frank insists on but Ronnie suspects there is a connection to the Camp Arawak murders from twenty years ago. Frank ignores this to avoid bad publicity, but the sheriff decides to investigate further. Jerry travels nearby to a quarry but Angela Baker's cousin, Ricky Thomas, works. He questions Ricky, who informs him Angela can't be the killer because she's locked in a mental institute. The camp continues on with its normal activities. Alan interrupts the girls playing croquet and convinces Karen to meet him later at his secret spot. Alan tries to join in a group game of paintball in the woods but it turns out to be a trick so Michael and his friends can all gang up on him. Karen and Marie eventually meet up with the distraught Alan at his secret spot but the moment is ruined when they spot several skinned frogs. They believe Alan is a psycho and flee. Alan discovers Michael and his friend are behind it. Alan chases after Karen, but is intercepted by T.C. and his cronies. At Randy's urging, T.C. gives Alan a massive wedgie in front of everyone at the waterfront. Petey runs in and rescues him from the others when Ronnie comes on the scene. At some point, Michael, T.C. and Marie peer pressure Karen into helping them prank Alan during a social. Frank discovers that Matilda has learned Alan's catchphrase, "Your ass stinks," and kicks him out of the social after another alteration with Bella. Karen meets Alan outside and lures him backstage. T.C. and his friends ambush Alan in the dark and take his clothes up. They bind his arms, blindfold him and push him out in front of the entire camp in only his underwear. The kids laugh at him until Petey rushes on stage and comes to his aide. Ronnie is furious and orders Randy to get to the bottom of the situation, even though it's his night off. Petey clothes Alan and brings him to Ronnie's shack. Growing more paranoid, Ronnie believes that Petey is Angela Baker because she's always there to save Alan. He confronts her in a rage, but is interrupted by Sheriff Jerry and Frank, who orders Petey to back to her bunk. A group of boys start chanting, "Blowjob" outside. Alan is driven mad and flees into the night. Ronnie tries finding him while Frank grounds the boys. After returning to his office, Frank is knocked unconscious with a hammer and wakes up with his head stuck in his birdcage. The killer opens the birdcage, places two angry rats inside and locks it. The rats eat through Frank's head and exit via his intestines. Randy and Linda go to the pump house to have sex. While Randy is urinating in the woods, the killer ties him to a tree and wraps a fishing line noose around his penis. Randy, thinking it’s Alan who’s doing this to him, begins to yell at him to let him go. Linda is frightened and drives the jeep away, unaware that the fishing line is tied to the vehicle. She runs into a pot hole and gets the jeep stuck. She tries to get it out, which pulls hard on Randy’s penis. She continues to make attempts to get out of the pot hole, but with no success, much to Randy’s relief for every attempt left the wire tugging and pulling on his penis. Eventually Linda notices the 4-wheel-drive function and uses it to escape the pot hole. The fishing line tied to Randy’s penis grows taught as she drives away and gives 1 final mighty pull to Randy’s member before ripping it right from his crotch. Linda drives through a string of barbed wire placed on the road, crashing the vehicle and wrapping her face in the dangerous material. Both are left to bleed to death. T.C. looks at a porn magazine alone in his cabin since he was grounded. Spaz returns from a panty raid and witnesses a wooden spear coming through the floor and impaling T.C. in the eye. Soon afterward, Bella is crushed to death by a spiked bunk bed in her cabin. Ronnie and Jenny find Frank's body in his office and realize there is a murderer on the loose. T.C.'s corpse is found as well, sending the kids in a chaotic frenzy. Karen finds Bella's crushed body and believes Alan is responsible and that she's next, so she flees into the woods. Ronnie and Jenny round up the counselors to protect their charges. Sheriff Jerry arrives, as well as Ricky Thomas, claiming the sheriff called him but Jerry denies it. Michael learns about the killings and runs from the counselors to find Karen. Karen stumbles into the killer in the woods and faints. She wakes up at the Rec. Hall with a rope hanging from a basketball hoop tied around her neck. The killer flips a switch to raise the net, causing Karen to lift off the ground. Michael comes in before Karen hangs to death. The Sheriff arrives and lowers the net. Michael is enraged, grabs a mallet and vows to take care of Alan once and for all. He finds his step-brother with the frogs and savagely beats him, until the killer appears behind Michael. Ronnie, Ricky, and Jenny find the badly wounded Alan on the ground. As Ronnie tries to get information out of Alan, Sheriff Jerry comes up behind Ronnie and Ricky, explaining that he's been waiting a long time for this. They discover Michael nearby: he's been skinned alive. Jenny flees in fright. Jerry removes his hat, glasses and stage make-up, revealing himself to be not the escaped Angela Baker but instead the real Angela baker in disguise due to having survived the boating incident and for some weird reason went just as mad as her now sister Peter/Angela She laughs maniacally until she stops and looks directly at the camera with a vicious blank expression before the screen blacks out. A flashback shows Angela weeks earlier, after she's escaped from the mental institute upstate. She fakes car problems and flags down Sheriff Pete. She acts frantically and tricks him into looking under the car, enabling her to drop the vehicle down on his head, explaining how she became Sheriff Jerry.


Felissa Rose as Angela Baker/"Sheriff Jerry"
Vincent Pastore as Frank Kostic
Michael Gibney as Alan Chambers
Paul DeAngelo as Ronnie
Jonathan Tiersten as Ricky Thomas
Isaac Hayes as Charlie
Lenny Venito as Mickey


Erin Broderick as Karen
Adam Wylie as Weed Williams
Kate Simses as Petey
Brye Cooper as Randy Jillani
Michael Werner as Michael Dam
Christopher Shand as T.C. Dimas
Jaime Radow as Jenny
Shadidah McIntosh as Bella Boyd
Jackie Tohn as Linda O'Casey
Paul Iacono as Pee
Chaz Brewer as Stan
Ashley Carin as Alex
Samantha Hahn as Marie
Jake O'Conner as Spaz
Lucas Blondheim as Chooch
Lauren Taub as Joanie
Samantha Hiltzik as Carly
Emily Hiltzik as Tracey
Lindsey Hiltzik as Toby
Miles Thompson as Eddie
Tommy John Riccardo as Mark
Carlo Vogel as Sheriff Pete
Kole Evans as Dina
Mary Elizabeth King as Sue Meyers
Dee Dee Friedman as Aunt Gracie
Reggie Shawn Harris as Louie
Tony Ray Rossi as Camp Counselor
Jess Margera as Camp Counselor
Deron Miller as Camp Counselor
Chad Ginsburg as Camp Counselor
Vern Zaborowski as Camp Counselor
Greg Raposo as Gary
Dino Roscigno as Billy
Mike Tatosian as Cook
Judy Unger as Ellen
Charles Sammarco as Fire Chief
Melissa West as Evey
Christian Hess as Vinny
Stefani Milanese as Tammy
Matt Rivers as Joey
Tony Luke Jr. as Bo
Webster P. Whinnery Jr. as Zip Line Boy
Drake Bell (uncredited) as a Camper
Jenny Coyle (uncredited) as Jess Lanmer
Robert V. Galluzzo (uncredited) as a Counselor
Paul LeToy (uncredited) as a Counselor
Daniel McGraw (uncredited) as a Camper
Christopher Piccione (uncredited) as a Counselor
Sue Sadik (uncredited) as a Counselor
Chris Violette (uncredited) as a Ken Bachman


Returning to the themes of the original, this film also included the whodunit? aspect of the first film. The killer is seen wearing all black, his or her identity obscured from the viewer. The audience is presented with the mystery of who the killer could be. Candidates include the long locked-up Angela Baker, her conveniently close cousin Ricky, and the disturbed teenager Alan.


This film adds fire to some fan theories. Those who believe Ricky assisted in the original killing cite that he defends Angela and says that he visited her shortly before the "Sheriff" visits. The timeline is tight, but she may have escaped after that and had enough time to make it to Camp Manabe and killed Mickey.

Some fans have also speculated that there are two Angelas. They believe Felissa Rose's Angela and Pamela Springsteen's Angela to be different characters. Because this film ignores the first two sequels, and dialogue suggests that Felissa Rose's Angela has been locked up for twenty years, this may be the case, but it is still ambiguous.

Remake Aspect[]

Return to Sleepaway Camp is part remake, filmed when horror remakes were the craze. Many characters are analogues to original Sleepaway Camp characters by being similar or opposite.

  • Protagonist Alan is the polar opposite of the original Angela. She is a silent girl while he is a loud-mouthed boy. In both films, those who are mean to them are murdered.
  • Michael is related to the protagonist but bullies him, whereas Ricky was related to his protagonist, but protected her. Both had anger management issues.
  • Frank and Mel Kostic are similar camp owners, seeming to care more about making a buck than protecting their charges.
  • In both films, Ronnie, the head counselor, acts as a moral compass.
  • There are mean counselors (Meg and Linda) and kind counselors who protect the protagonist (Susie and Petey).
  • In both films a nasty chef (Artie and Mickey) are killed after bothering the protagonist, and a second, African American chef (Ben and Charlie) played by well known actors (Robert Earl Jones and Isaac Hayes) are friendly and disappear half way through the film.
  • In both films the protagonist is bothered by a bitchy camper his or her own gender (Judy and T.C.) and have feelings for a kind-hearted fellow camper (Paul and Karen).
  • Mel nearly beats Ricky to death after Meg was killed; Michael nearly beats Alan to death with a mallet when Karen was almost killed. Both Mel and Michael also call the protagonist a liar.
  • Both films feature a police officer with fake facial hair.

For further similarities, see Remake Connections.


Robert Hiltzik announced plans for this to be the second part of his Sleepaway Camp trilogy. The next film would be Sleepaway Camp: Reunion, and see the highly anticipated return of Aunt Martha, a character referenced in each sequel but not seen since the original.

Body Count[]



  • There may be a timeline problem. The night of the finale appears to be the same day as Alan showing Karen his frogs and getting a wedgie because nearly every character appears to be wearing the same clothes. In between this, however, 'Sheriff Jerry' talks to Ricky. When Ricky reappears at the end, it is mentioned that they haven't seen each other since 'last week.' This means the night of the finale must take place several days later and everyone happens to be dressed the same way as before.
  • Scripts were circulated with fake endings to avoid spoilers leaking.