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Hey, Rick! Wait 'til you get a load of Judy! Man, oh, man! (Ricky: Oh, yeah?) You'll see!

– Paul to Ricky

I didn't think you were gonna show.

Angela: Let's go swimming.

Now? What about our clothes?

Angela: Take them off.


– Paul's last words before Angela beheaded him after he discovered she was a boy

Portrayed by Christopher Collet
Role Camper at Camp Arawak
Status Deceased
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988), (mentioned)

Cause of death Decapitated with a knife by Angela Baker
Gender Male
Age 15 (at death)
Height 5'9"
Weight 125 lbs
Born 1968
Died August 24, 1983
Friends Ricky Thomas (best friend)

Angela Baker



Ronnie Angelo


Enemies Judy





Mel Kostic

Angela Baker's motive for killing him Discovering that she is a boy, and trying to get her to sleep with him.also along with him kissing Judy.

Paul was Ricky Thomas' best friend at Camp Arawak. He liked Ricky's cousin, Angela Baker, and got caught in a love triangle when Judy tried to steal him away. Angela finally took him back, but then she beheaded him. He is Angela Baker's 11th victim.


While a bit of a prankster and trouble-maker along with Ricky, whom he had met three years prior at the camp, Paul is seen as a sincere and earnest boy. He seems to genuinely care about Angela. Like most stereotypical teenaged boys, he is torn between his hormones and his heart. He pressures Angela to get involved with him and has a weak moment when swayed by Judy and kissed by her.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)[]

In 1983, excited for another summer at camp, Paul met up with Ricky on the first day back while the other campers arrived. Ricky introduced him to his shy cousin, Angela, and Paul remarked that Judy, Ricky's summer fling from the previous year, had developed breasts.

Several days later, Paul enjoyed a baseball game with Ricky and the other guys from his cabin against the older boys, including Billy, Kenny, and Mike. Later on, Paul and Ricky found Kenny and Mike mocking Angela during a social in the rec. hall. They started a fight which was quickly stopped by their counselor, Gene. Afterward, Paul took a moment to sit with Angela and befriend her. She finally came out of her shell and spoke for the first time at camp, telling Paul 'good night.'

The next day, Paul asked Angela to attend the mandatory movie screening with him. She agreed, just as Paul was shooed away from the girl's volleyball game by Meg. That night, they left the rec. hall holding hands. Paul walked her back to the girls' bunk and gave her a quick surprise kiss. Angela reacted poorly to the kiss. Oblivious, Paul tried to kiss her again, and she went inside for the night. Judy appeared and mocked him, but Paul ignored her and returned to his cabin overjoyed.

The next day during a swim session, Paul flirted with Angela, who was happy to see him again. Meg once again interrupted and sent Paul away since Angela refused to cooperate with any group activities. Shortly later, Paul spotted Angela getting pelted with a water balloon outside the cabins and comforted her while Ricky shouted at Billy and his comrades.

After much was made of the death of Billy, Paul frightened Angela outside the cabins. He told her not to worry, sure that there was no killer loose. They continued on to the isolated beach and goofed around. Their playing grew more serious as they started making out on the sand and Paul attempted to grope Angela's chest. She had a panic attack, threw him off her, and fled. Paul was left calling after her, bewildered.

With the recent deaths of Kenny and Billy, camp activities were pared down to Capture the Flag. During the game, Paul tried to talk to Angela and figure out what was wrong, but she reverted back into her shell. Judy took advantage of the situation and led Paul into the woods, where she seduced him into making out with her. Ricky and Angela found them, and Paul immediately broke it off with Judy.

During the next swim session, Paul felt guilty and meekly tried to make it explain himself to Angela, but she was unresponsive. Judy and Meg interrupted and sent Paul away. That night, Paul again apologized to Angela during another social. This time she told him quietly to meet her at the waterfront after the social.

Paul's head.

When Paul eagerly met up with Angela that night, she seemed to have forgiven him. She told him she wanted to skinny dip, so they undressed. Angela revealed that she was a boy and beheaded Paul with a hunting knife. She then sat on the beach and cradled his head and body while she hummed to herself. Ronnie and Susie found her on the beach, and she stood up, holding Paul's head in her hands.

He is mentioned in Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers by Camp Rolling Hills camper Phoebe when she told the boys about the Camp Arawak massacre five years prior late at night.

Behind the Scenes[]

A convention of the slasher film is to show the POV of the killer (thus hiding the killer's identity or showing them too often). Besides Angela and Judy, Paul is the only character to have been given a POV shot.