"You're very bad, Alan. You've always been very bad. (Alan: "No, Michael!") I will not let you hurt Karen. (Alan: "What about Karen?") I know what you did to T.C. and Bella. (Alan: "What are you talking about?") You're mean, sick! You're a monster, Alan! (Alan: "I'm not sick!") Oh, yes, you are! (hits Alan to the ground with a croquet mallet) (Alan: "Stop it, Michael.") I'm stopping you, Alan. I'M STOPPING YOU RIGHT NOW! (violently beats him up) (Alan: "Stop, please!") NO MORE LYING! NO MORE LIES! NO MORE LYING!" (Angela stops Michael, grabbing the mallet away from him and Michael turns around, sees her and gasps)

- Michael's last words before Angela skinned him alive, killing him for all the mean things he's done to his step brother, Alan

"Lower the net!"

- Michael telling Sheriff Jerry (Angela) to lower the net and get it off of Karen

"You know, I'm really tired of taking care of your ass." (Alan: "I'm not going back, Michael! Ever! Everyone's always picking on me!")

- Michael to Alan after he ran away from the campsite, tormented by Mickey and Frank

"Stop crying, you big baby. 'Everyone's always picking on me. Nobody likes me.' " (Alan: "Be quiet!")

- Michael mocking Alan

"You're fucking nuts, Alan! (walks away, turns around) And you know what? I don't give a shit what you do anymore!" (resumes walking away)

- Michael leaving Alan in the forest after he refused to come back to camp and he fought with him

"Hey, dickhead, slow down! Alan! Alan! (Alan: "Leave me alone!") Pain in the ass! Come on, Alan, I've gotta take you back!" (Alan: "No!")

- Michael chasing after Alan, trying to take him back to camp when he was told by Frank after Alan was offended by Mickey and yelled at by Frank

(Alan: "You hurt him! He's hurt bad, I'll fucking kill you!") "Alan, they're fucking frogs! (Alan: "They're my friends! I don't care if I was sick once. They like me, anyway.") Here we go, again. How long are you gonna milk this pneumatic fever bullshit? (Alan: "The doctor said they'll always be effects.") Yeah, you'll always be an asshole. Now, let's go. Frank wants us back at camp, now. (Alan: "I'm not going.") Oh, yes, you are. (Alan: "I said, I'm not going"!) And I said, "you are"! Now, let's go! (tries take him back) (Alan: "No!" (knocks Michael to the side)) Oh... you little asshole! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

- Michael after kicking one of Alan's frogs, angering him before having a fight with him and leaving him in the woods after Alan refuses to go back to camp with him

Portrayed by Michael Werner
Family Alan (step-brother)
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Cause of death Skinned alive by Angela Baker
Gender Male
Died Summer 2003
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Skinning and kicking frogs, animal cruelty, being mean and abusive to Alan, having a fight with him, being part of a prank that had people see Alan in his underwear, and beating him up, almost killing him
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)
Friends T.C.






Enemies Alan

Angela Baker


Frank Kostic

Ronnie Angelo

Michael was a popular yet ruthless, devilishly warped, aggressive, and bullying bad boy camper at Camp Manabe, where he was exasperated with his step-brother's antics. Michael skinned and abused frogs because he thought it was cool and did it to bother Alan, so Angela Baker skinned him alive for all the mean things he has done and to Alan. He is Angela Baker's 9th and currently final victim.


Michael was convinced that Alan was the one who tried to hang Karen. He knew that Alan would be up the hill with his frogs. He went up there and almost beated Alan to death with a croquet mallet. Till Angela (disguised as Sheriff Jerry) skinned him alive.


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