Matt was a camper at Camp Rolling Hills and a character in Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers. He is Angela Baker's 23rd victim.


Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy CampersEdit

He was killed by Angela Baker for having sex with campers, particularly the Shote Sisters. This attribution has made people mistake him for Ralph, a boy seen having sex with Brooke. Matt never appeared, he appeared with Angela dragging his body into the cabin after stabbing and/or bludgeoning him to death.

Cause of death: Stabbed and/or bludgeoned

Angela Baker's motive for killing him: Having sex with the Shote Sisters

Died: Summer 1988

Gender: Male

Appearance(s): Sleepaway Camp II (1988)


  • His portrayer is unknown.
  • His death was the 7th one off-screen: the 1st-4th being 4 Young Campers, 5th being Paul, the 6th being Jodi Schote.