"Oh, look. Now there goes a handsome couple. (Petey: "You're fucking bitch, Linda, you know that?") Oh, that really hurts, coming from a skank like you!"

- Linda after she humuliated Alan along with her friends at the pier

"Alan, beat off!" (Alan: "Screw you, you ugly whore!")

- Linda insulting Alan at the pier when he tried to talk to Karen that he didn't kill Mickey and Weed (when it was actually Angela), and didn't skin his frogs (when it was actually his step brother Michael and his friends)

"Oh, shit! He's coming after me!"

- Linda realizing Alan is gonna kill her (when it was actually Angela)

"What the hell is that?! HOLY FUCK!!!"

- Linda's last words before she got wrapped around her head and throat with a barbed wire while driving a jeep and crashed into a tree, killing herself

Portrayed by Jackie Tohn
Occupation Camp counselor
Status Deceased
Cause of death Barbed wire wrapped around head and throat while driving jeep, crashed into tree, blood loss
Born 1980
Died Summer 2003
Age 23 (at death)
Gender Female
Angela Baker's motive for killing her Being mean-spirited and bitchy to Alan
Love interest Randy (deceased)
Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Linda was a counselor at Camp Manabe who got along with her girls, but was mean-spirited to Alan. She was murdered while on a date with Randy. She is Angela Baker's 6th victim.


She was on a date with Randy. When she went back to the car to get something, Angela tied Randy up against the tree. And with a tiny rope around his penis. Linda heard him screaming and the only thing she thought about was saving her own ass. She screamed that she would be next to die and jumped in the jeep. With some trouble she started the jeep. Without noticing the barbed wire was missing from the shed they were parked at, she drove off. She saw the barbed wire hanging across the road too late and couldn't stop. The barbed wire got entangled around her throat and head and she crashed into a tree. She stayed alive for a pretty long time but finally died in the jeep after Karen ran off in terror upon finding her.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Linda was likely based on Meg, as both are younger counsellors who act as a bully to the unpopular kid and clash with other counsellors due to this. The killers also target both of them for their behavior.