"What the hell are you doing here? I bet the rest of the boys'll be interested in seeing you."

- Kenny's last words before Angela shoved him into the water and drowned him while hiding under a canoe

"Hey, Bob-a-ray-bob! Hey, hey, Bob-a-ray-bob!"

- Kenny having fun under a canoe

"Yo, Angela. How come you're so fucked up? I mean, like, what's your problem?"

- Kenny picking on Angela

(Ricky: "Hey, dickface, leave her alone!") "Oh, yeah? Well, what are you gonna do about it, asshole?"

- Kenny to Ricky after he bullied Angela along with Mike before the fight

(Ricky: "You fucks! I'm gonna beat your fucking asses in!") "You and what army?" (Jeff: "Shut up and let's go.")

- Kenny to Ricky after he fought him

Portrayed by John Dunn
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Cause of death Drowned in lake by Angela Baker
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988), (mentioned)

Born 1965
Died August 20, 1983
Age 18 (at death)
Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs
Gender Male
Friends Billy




Leslie (formerly)

Enemies Ricky Thomas

Angela Baker




Ronnie Angelo


Angela Baker's motive for killing him Picking on her and fighting with Ricky

Kenny was one of the older campers at Camp Arawak when Angela Baker attended camp. He made fun of her with his friends and beat up Ricky, so she got revenge on him by shoving him in the water, drowning and killing him while hiding under a canoe. He is Angela Baker's 2nd victim.


Sleepaway Camp (1983)Edit

Kenny is first introduced playing baseball with Ricky, Mike, and Billy at Camp Arawak. Ricky and his team win the heated game, leaving him and the older boys fuming. Kenny and Mike begin bullying Angela at the dance. They mock her for being weird and silent, which prompts Ricky and Paul to fight with them. Kenny convinces another camper named Leslie to row, then overturns the boat. Leslie furiously swims away, and he is attacked and pushed under the water by Angela.


Kenny was hiding underneath a canoe in an attempt to prank another camper when Angela appeared looking right at him. After a brief moment, Angela, with most of her power, forces Kenny's head underneath the surface of the water drowning him, leaving the rest of the boys to believe he is pulling one of his jokes. But it turns out it was no joke when Lifeguard Hal, angry that Mel is making him clean up the chairs in the water, finds Kenny's body all decomposed and rotten with a snake coming out of his mouth. As the authorities take his body in, Mel deems this an accident, despite suspicion from Ronnie and the police chief Frank Breton, until Mel realizes that it wasn't an accident and it was officially announced that it was murder.

Unhappy Campers (1988) Edit

5 years later after the murders at Camp Arawak, Kenny is mentioned when Angela told Molly that she reminded her of a boy who didn't like her very much, such as TC. She also mentioned his death.


Kenny represented the jokester. He smoked weed with Mike a lot and loves to pick on Angela and other campers. He was the most attractive male in the whole camp.


Height - 5 foot 10

weight - 160 Pounds .

Age: 18

Race : White .

Shoe size- 9

Behind the ScenesEdit