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Oh, it's you. What do you want? Well?

– Judy's last words before Angela suffocated her with a pillow and inserted a hot curling iron into her vagina, killing her

"Hey, girls. Let's not forget to thank Angela for getting Meg in trouble. (Angela: "I didn't do anything.") (throws her pillow at her) You never do shit. (Angela catches her pillow, Judy walks over to her and rudely snatches it away from her) Give me that."

- Judy accusing Angela of getting Meg in trouble with Ronnie for angrily shaking her for being silent after a swim session at the waterfront, even if she didn't do anything, which Judy doesn't believe her.

Hey, Angela. How come you never take showers when the rest of us do? Huh? Oh, I know what that is. You haven't reached puberty yet.

– Judy berating Angela

I bet you don't even have your period. (Susie: That's enough, Judy. Angela's allowed to shower in the morning or any other time she wants to.) Yeah, she takes showers when no one can see she has no hair down below. (Susie: Judy!) She's a real carpenter's dream! Flat as a board and needs a screw! (Susie: THAT'S ENOUGH!)

- Judy insulting Angela's body parts before Susie slaps her in the face to stop


– Judy to Susie before she smacked her across the face for berating Angela and insulting her body parts Ricky: You're a real scumbag, Judy. You know that?

Fuck you, Ricky. You're just jealous.

(Ricky flips her off)

Same to you.

– Judy treating Ricky like dirt after she kissed Paul and humiliated Angela

What are you looking at? What are you, taking pictures? Quit it!

– Judy getting annoyed with Angela looking at her while meeting her for the first time

So, how about it, Angela? Let's go for a swim. Oh, what's the matter? Are you afraid? Huh? Huh? Well, say something, you spoiled little bitch!

– Judy insulting Angela while trying to take her for a swim before she cheered Meg on to throw her into the water

Portrayed by Karen Fields
Role Camper at Camp Arawak
Status Deceased
Cause of death Hot curling iron inserted into vagina and suffocated with pillow by Angela Baker
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Age 15 (at death)
Born 1968
Died August 24, 1983
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 138 lbs
Friends Meg

Other girls at Camp Arawak

Enemies Ricky Thomas

Angela Baker




Angela Baker's motive for killing her Picking on her, being a camp bitch, scolding Susie, kissing Paul, having sex with Mike, treating Ricky like dirt, and cheering on Meg to throw her in the water
Love Interests Paul (formerly)

Ricky Thomas (formerly)

Mike (currently)

Judy was a mean-spirited, popular girl who liked older boys and making Angela Baker's life a living hell. She tried breaking Angela up with Paul, and treated Ricky Thomas like dirt, even though she had a fling with him a year before. Angela couldn't take it anymore and finally killed Judy with a hot curling iron and suffocated her with a pillow in the cabin. She is Angela Baker's 9th victim. She also served as a secondary antagonist in the movie.


Judy is known to have been the "main bitch" of the whole camp. Constantly bullying Angela and manipulating people was regarded by her and Ricky as an enemy. She also used to have an affair with Paul and was shown to be jealous of him and Angela despite their relationship having been over, which probably even intensified her desire to persecute her. She was a homewrecker, shown when she kissed Paul in front of Angela.


Judy was getting ready for bed when Angela appeared, staring right at her. Angela approached Judy slowly and knocked her out with a single slap. While she was temporarily unconscious, Angela grabbed her curling iron, which was already on. Then, Angela put a pillow over her head. The shadow on the wall was shown slowly moving the hot curling iron toward her underside. She awakened under the pillow as we see the shadows on the wall again when Angela forced the curling iron into her vagina. The shadow of Judy's arms appeared on the wall with her hands clenching as she screamed into the pillow in agonizing pain before dying of suffocation. Angela then puts her corpse under her bed. Her body was found by other female campers.

Judy's corpse.

Behind the Scenes[]

Originally, Robert Hiltzik planned for Judy to be a blonde.

Jane Krakowski from Ally McBeal and 30 Rock almost landed the role.

Karen Fields starred in a short film called "JUDY", but the short film is non-canon.


  • Originally Judy was supposed to be played by Jane krakowski to better fit the original description of judys character features(which means she was supposed to be blonde.) but apparently Karen Fields audition was really good so Robert Hiltzik hired her instead.
  • Her death won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat's "Sleepaway Camp" Kill Count.
  • Judy is one of two females killed by Angela in Sleepaway Camp(1983), the other being Meg.
  • In the original script, Judy was meant to be a sociopathic type character. and apparently one of her scenes involved her trying to kill Angela by pushing her in the water. this was cut because Hiltzik wanted Judy to be more of a stubborn brat than a budding sociopath. So most of judys nastiest moments in the script were cut from the film.