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Jonathan Tiersten
Played Ricky Thomas
Born August 11, 1965
From New York, New York
Current Professions Musician
Official Site
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp
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Jonathan Tiersten (incorrectly credited in the first film as 'Tierston') studied theater at the New York University with sucessful actors, such as Molly Shannon and Adam Sandler. After college, Jonathan performed in regional theater until he decided to turn his energies to music as a signer/songwriter and moved to Colorado. In recent years he has returned to acting and even appeared in The Perfect House alongside Sleepaway Camp alum Felissa Rose in 2011.

Jonathan has taken part in both Sleepaway Camp reunions and is very excited to be part of the film's community. He has given interviews to both Jeff Hayes at Sleepaway Camp Movies and John Klyza at Sleepaway Camp Films.

For his entire filmography, see his entry on the Internet Movie Database.