"Maria, give me a chance! My old lady don't give me no more of nothing no more."

- Herman's last words before Angela jammed a stick in his mouth and throat, killing him

Herman Miranda
Portrayed by Michael J. Pollard
Family Lilly Miranda (Wife;deceased)
Occupation Camp co-owner
Status Deceased
Cause of death Stick jammed in mouth and throat by Angela Baker
Age 68 (at death)
Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs
Born 1921
Died July 14, 1989
Angela Baker's motive to kill him Having sex with Jan, cheating on his wife, and being greedy
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp III (1989)
Gender Male

Herman Miranda and his wife Lilly opened Camp New Horizons as a scheme to make money while pretending to care about troubled youth. After he tried to have sex with one of the campers, Angela Baker beat him to death. He is Angela Baker's 32nd victim.


Herman and his wife purchased the campground that was Camp Rolling Hills after Angela Baker massacred several campers and counselors in order to quickly make a lot of money by running a knock-off camp that would receive government funding and wealthy sponsors. Keeping expenditures limited, they hired only one additional counselor, Officer Barney Whitmore.


Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)Edit

He serves as one of the tertiary antagonists of the film alongside his wife Lilly Miranda. Herman and Lilly greeted their campers and gave an interview with TV reporter Tawny Richards. Afterwards, the Mirandas gave the kids an information on the camp and Herman flirted with Jan Hernandez. After the kids settled into their cabins, Herman, Lilly, and Barney registered them and then split them into three groups to camp out in. Herman took his group (Angela Baker disguised as Maria Nicastro, Jan, Peter Doyle, and Snowboy), and headed into the woods.

Herman and his group set up camp and then he sent Angela, Peter, and Snowboy fishing while he stayed behind with Jan. They started having sex, but were interrupted when Angela returned. Herman hurried out of his tent to talk her into keeping quiet about it, but she surprised him by attacking him with a stick. She murdered him by jamming it through his mouth and throat. Angela puts his body in a cabin.


Herman is playful and tries getting along with, and being, one of the kids. Along with most adults in the series, he is amoral and a bad role model. He neglicts his duties and fornicates with an underage camper. Herman really loves Porn and he is just like artiie and Mel the former camp owner who got killed by angela .


Height - 5 foot 6

Weight- 135 pounds

Age - 68

Race - white

Shoe size - 6

Behind the ScenesEdit

The script describes him as "about two inches shorter than Lilly, seems a few years older... Herman also sports tight jeans, boots, and a belt with a large Playboy insignia on it."

Named after Herman Munster from The Munsters.