Greg Nakashima
Portrayed by Chung Yen Tsay
Role Camper
Hometown Westwood, California
Status Deceased
Cause of death Axed in chest
Gender Male
Born 1972
Died July 16, 1989
Age 17 (at death)
Angela Baker's motive for killing him She thought he was boring
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp III (1989)

Greg Nakashima was a privileged teenager who tried to take a positive experience from attending Camp New Horizons, until Angela Baker killed him in a murder spree. He and Anita are Angela Baker's 42nd and 43rd victim.



Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)Edit


Greg is from Los Angeles, California. He was one of the privileged group of campers and had Barney for a counselor. He was murdered when he activated a booby trap Angela set up in one of the cabins.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The script describes him as "a friendly-looking 17-year-old Japanese boy."

Named after Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch.