"My god!"

- Frank after he heard the commotion between Alan and Mickey in the kitchen

"Are you insane?! (Alan: "He was throwing at eggs at me! He was hurting me!") So, for that, you tried to kill him?! (Alan: "Let me go, you big pussy!") You don't tell me what to do!" (Alan: "Let me go! You all suck! I hope you die!")

- Frank grabbing Alan by the shirt for trying to kill Mickey until Alan manages to free himself and runs out of the kitchen in a fury, expressing his hatred toward everyone who picked on him and wishing them all dead

"Michael, go get your brother right now and bring him to Ronnie's shack, on the double. (Michael: "Hey, he's only my step--") I don't give a damn what he is! Just do it! (Michael: "Yes, sir.") (to Sheriff Jerry) You see what I have to put up with here? Do you think these kids would appreciate how hard we worked at for a nice summer? Goddamn kids!"

- Frank telling Michael to fetch his stepbrother Alan after he ran out of the kitchen, interrupting the latter when he tried to correct him and explaining to Sheriff Jerry the problems he keeps having with campers at Camp Manabe, who don't appreciate anything

"You kids have no respect for anything!" (Sherrif Jerry (Angela): "It's alright, Frank. I'll take it from here.")

- Frank when the campers don't listen to him during dinner

"These kids appreciate nothing!"

- Frank complaining about the campers

"You little punk, what did you do to Matilda?! (Alan: "What are you talking about?") You corrupted my bird Matilda! (Alan: "I didn't do nothing to your fucking bird!") (Bella: "Don't lie, Alan. You just told us all about it.") (Alan: "Fat fucking liar!") You watch that mouth of yours! (Alan: "Let go of me!") I'll let go of you. I'm gonna kick your ass out of this camp so fast you won't know what hit you! (Alan: "Let go, you fucking dick!" (runs out of the rec. hall)) You get back here!" (Alan: Your ass stinks!")

- Frank accusing Alan of corrupting his prized parakeet Matilda and threatening to kick him out of Camp Manabe while grabbing him by the shirt until Alan pushes his arms, causing him to release him

"I told you to watch your mouth! (slaps Alan in the face) (Alan: "Get away from me!" (pushes Frank out of the way and runs out of the cabin)) Little bastard!"

- Frank when everyone was bothering Alan chanting "Blowjob", which irritates him and runs out of the cabin after Frank slaps him in the face for cussing

"You kids better stop that noise and return to your bunks! I'm telling you, for the last time! Stop that noise immediately!"

- Frank telling the campers to stop chanting "Blowjob", causing Alan to be irritated

"All right, that's it! You're all confined to your bunks for the rest of the week!"

- Frank grounding the campers for the rest of the week for chanting "Blowjob", which irritates Alan

"That damn light's killing me. (sees his bird cage on him and realizes he's strapped to a chair) Get me outta this thing! What is this, a joke? Untie me! Get this... (sees Angela picking up a bag full of rats) What are you doing? What the hell's goin' here?! Ah, my neck! Aah! Get me outta this! What the hell's goin' on?! (Angela gets closer to him with the bag) Keep it away. No." (Angela puts 2 rats into his cage, prompting them to eat thier way by going into his eyes and into his intestines)

- Frank's last words before Angela had him eaten by rats, killing him

Frank Kostic
Portrayed by Vincent Pastore
Occupation Camp owner
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Cause of death Eaten by rats
Born 1946
Died Summer 2003
Age 57 (at death)
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Being greedy, abusive, infective, not helping Alan, and being mean and abusive to him
Friends Ronnie Angelo
Enemies Alan

Angela Baker







Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Frank Kostic was the greedy, shady, and infective owner of Camp Manabe during a mysterious murder spree. He tried to keep order but was murdered by Angela Baker. He is Angela Baker's 4th victim.


Frank partnered with Ronnie Angelo to run Camp Manabe in May of 1995. He ran the camp as a money-maker and gave Ronnie little say in the daily operations. At some point he became the owner of Matilda, a prized parakeet.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

He serves as the secondary antagonist of the film.

He would be the first to die on the night of the big reveal of the murderer. Said killer opened Matilda's birdcage and gently let Matilda out using her finger. Frank heard his parakeet squawking and walked in to investigate, only to get knocked unconscious with a hammer. He later awoke to find himself bound to a chair with duct tape when the killer placed Matilda's cage over his head, placed a lock on the side where it had been split in half and opened its door. As Frank demanded to be untied, he noticed the killer was holding a sack with something alive writhing around in it. At that moment, the cage started cutting through his neck causing it to bleed. The killer hit the sack purposely agitating whatever was inside, dumped its contents (which happened to be two rats) into the cage, and shut the door. The rest is implied off screen.

Ronnie and Jenny found an unharmed Matilda perched outside, and entered the cabin to find her owner half devoured as the rats had eaten their way through his left eye down to his intestines hence the gaping hole in his stomach.


Behind the ScenesEdit

The opening sequence includes a newspaper article giving Frank the surname 'Kostik,' perhaps relating him to Mel Kostik.