(Mare: "Who's gonna watch me?") "The tit patrol, that's who."

- Emilio after he took a picture of Mare showing her breasts in the girls' cabin

Portrayed by Jason Ehrlich
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Cause of death Eyes gouged out, throat slit by Angela Baker
Age 14 (at death)
Born 1974
Died Summer 1988
Angela Baker's motive for killing him Being a peeping tom and dumping water on her
Appearance(s) Sleepaway Camp II (1988)
Gender Male
Friends Charlie


Enemies Angela Baker


Ally Burgess




Brooke Shote

Jodi Shote

Molly Nagle

Emilio was a younger camper at Camp Rolling Hills, where he and his cohort Charlie were killed by Angela Baker for being peeping toms and dumping water on her. He is Angela Baker's 25th victim.



Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)Edit


Emilio was a camper at Camp Rolling Hills. He enjoyed palling around with his buddy Charlie and secretly taking polaroids of the female campers and counselors in various stages of undress. When Angela confiscated his polaroids, Emilio got even with her by dumping a bucket of water over her head. During Angela's rampage in the camp after getting fired by Uncle John, Emilio was one of her victims. Angela killed him by gouging out his eyes and sliting his throat. She then put his corpse and Charlie's corpse in front of window of the Girls' cabin and put something to make them stand up. Their corpses were then found by Diane.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Named after Brat Pack actor Emilio Estevez.