"You know something? You talk too much." - Angela before she strangled her with a guitar string

Portrayed by Kendall Bean
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Cause of death Garroted with guitar string by Angela Baker
Died Summer 1988
Angela Baker's motive for killing her Talking too much
Appearance Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)
Gender Female

Demi was one of Angela Baker's girls at Camp Rolling Hills and was eventually killed for talking too much. She is Angela Baker's 19th victim.


An African-American teenager, Demi attended Camp Rolling Hills for the summer and was eventually killed by Angela Baker.


Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)Edit


Demi teasing Ally about her breasts.

Demi first appears at the start of the movie, waking up and making a joke about Ally's bosom (Due to Lea staring at her) she also notices Phoebe missing and asks the Schote Sisters if they've seen her. At breakfast, Demi joins her friends and while talking about Angela she admits she finds her weird, Demi also participates in the 'Happy Camper Song'. That night before bedtime Demi finishes reading a book and after hearing noises outside the girl's cabin, demands to know who's outside, the boys then invade the cabin and panty raid the girls' clothes. Later, Demi also participates in a girl style panty raid, pinning Rob to the floor with Molly and Lea, demands their bras returned. This night is eventually interrupted by Angela.

Ally laughing at Demi.

The next night at campout, Demi is with Molly, Ally and Lea roasting weenies before inquiring Ally on the boy's prank on Angela for the previous night interruption. Demi also comments Ally on her music taste and later discovers Angela had frightened Judd and Anthony (killed) off.

Angela strangling Demi.

The next evening, Demi is seen lining up to phone call and eventually passes by Charlie and Emilio setting a water bucket prank up for Angela before telling them not to get her wet, Demi talks to Angela about the girls who were sent home by her whilst brushing her hair, Angela eventually kills her by flawlessly garroting her neck with a guitar string, Lea would eventually find Demi's body after coming to the cabin, who would then be Angela's next victim.

Like the other victims except Charlie, Rob, Emilio, Diane, Uncle John, and the truck driver, Demi's corpse was relocated to Angela's mountainside shack.


Demi is an average teenager and very friendly, she also enjoys making jokes at the expense of the her friends. Demi highly enjoys socializing with her peers and she also likes to listen to radio music.

Unlike a few others in her cabin, Demi does not dislike Angela but says she finds her 'a little weird'.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Named after Brat Pack actress Demi Moore.


  • Her corpse can be seen breathing, it was actually her actress was breathing