"Who's been messin' with my shit? They're always messin' with my shit! I swear they need to get they own stuff. They get on my nerves. Dang. I hate that shit."

- Bella after she saw her stuff on the floor in her cabin

"What the fuck?"

- Bella's last words before Angela impaled her with numerous spikes, killing her after she saw the nails above her from Marie's bed

(Alan: I hate you, Bella!") "Oh, you're breakin' my heart!"

- Bella after she punched Alan in the stomach during dinner

Portrayed by Shahidah McIntosh
Role Camper
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Cause of death Impaled with numerous spikes by Angela Baker
Died Summer 2003
Angela Baker's motive for killing her Bullying Alan and butt headed with him
Enemies Alan

Angela Baker

Ronnie Angelo

Frank Kostic


Appearance(s) Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Bella was an outspoken girl at Camp Manabe, where she butted heads with Alan until the killer crushed her to death. She is Angela Baker's 8th victim.


Bella is a moody, sassy, and aggressive African-American teenager that came to Camp Manabe for the summer.


Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)Edit

The movie first shows Bella picking on Alan by pushing him to the ground he then gets revenge by taking her plate of food and tossing on her chest, Bella then steps up to confront him before Linda calms her down. At the canteen social Bella grabs Alan by the testicles after he's talking to Karen, eager to get revenge after he humiliated her during dinner Bella also makes a remark and laughs at camper T.C. after Alan knocks him down for giving him a nipple twist.


Bella playing croquet.

The next day, Bella is seen playing croquet with most of the girl's bunk and actively complains the game is stupid, she also threatens to shove her mallet up Alan's ass because he refuses to leave due to him asking Karen if he would go to his frog hideout near the lake, Bella then tries to hit Alan with a red croquet ball after he insinuates calling her a man. At that night's social, Bella is sitting with some of her friends and shoots several spitballs at Alan before he goes to confront her, taking her cup of soda and splashing her clothes, intending to fight him they're both interrupted after Frank grabs Alan and yells at him over his bird Matilda. Bella is also there to witness Alan strung in his underwear. While back in her bunk with the other girls, Bella is eager to go to the canteen for an ice

The killer (Angela) crushes Bella with the bed of nails.

cream, but at the behest of Marie, chooses to wait for Karen to go with them, as the girls leave the mysterious killer infiltrates their cabin. After a few deaths, it would be Bella's turn; as she walks back to her cabin she sees someone has tampered with her private stash of candies Fixing her stash she then lays on her bed to read her comics, the killer jiggles a small wire causing the blanket hanging below Marie's bunk to fall on her, angrily removing the cover she exclaims a quick "What the fuck?" as she sees a board of sharp nails above her the killer then jumps from their roost onto Marie's bed, causing it and the board of nails to fall on, crush and impale Bella, killing her.

Karen and Marie would later find Bella's body, finally prompting Karen to scream that Alan is going to kill her believing him to be the killer.


Bella is one of many bullies throughout the film to be shown directly picking on Alan but one of the few that is physical with him. She is moody, cusses a lot and has a voracious appetite for sweets, candy and dessert-related snacks (even keeping her own private stash of candy under her bunk). Despite her attitude she is good friends with many of the girls of Camp Manabe and her antics get her many laughs.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In Shahidah Mcintosh's interview with Jeff Hayes, Shahidah mentions she managed to win out her audition for Bella by improv with actor Michael Gibney who played Alan.